The idea of a culture war is not new.

January 2023

LETU POLS Minor Adriana Cisneros awarded the Hatfield Prize by the Center for Public Justice
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October 2022

LETU POLS major Gabriel Willis speaks at a Right to Life Gala in Dallas
What do you get when you mix Schaeffer & Niebuhr?

September 2022

The former Editor-in-Chief of World Magazine explains the organization's internal struggle with politics.
TX-1 Congressional Candidate Threatened

August 2022

The purpose of Christian engagement in politics is not to eradicate injustice and evil but to express love towards people and to testify to the goodness…

July 2022

Do attitudes towards cultural engagement shape Evangelical politics?
The Precarious position of Post-Roe Politics and Praise for John Cornyn

June 2022

The debate over Mike Pence's role in 1/6

May 2022

Interesting thoughts on America's political problems.